Steak and Stout: Bacon-Wrapped Steak, Garlic Mushrooms, and Great Beer!

I had to make a dish that could stand up to a very fancy beer we bought over the weekend. By fancy, I mean really pricey, but it was worth it – Dogfish Head’s Oak Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout. Yes, it’s a mouthful, but a mouthful of deliciously dark, sweet, rich, stout. So naturally, … More Steak and Stout: Bacon-Wrapped Steak, Garlic Mushrooms, and Great Beer!

Dinner for One!

I had a rare night to myself so I made some of my favorite deliciously decadent delights! And no actual cooking involved. Just artful assembly of a salmon tartare martini and a heavenly cheese plate. I started with some fresh sushi grade salmon. Diced up some mango… Then mixed the two together with some awesome … More Dinner for One!

Happy Hanukkah!

One of the best things about Hanukkah is for sure the latkes, or potato pancakes for those of you who may not know of this goodness. I love potatoes, but you know the whole carb thing. However, when Hanukkah is here, I hold back nothing. Carb me baby!! Many a recipe for latkes exists. Ours … More Happy Hanukkah!

Thanksgiving 2017

So first I must apologize up front for not taking more food pictures, but I have a good excuse! I was caught up with family!! That’s what Thanksgiving is all about, right?? Well, that and delicious food!! And it all starts with the turkey. I’ve been in charge of the turkey for the last several … More Thanksgiving 2017